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Our Techs Impressed a Couple in Long Beach with the Quality of Their Grout Cleaning Service

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February 08, 2024

It's no secret that a bathroom requires more care than almost any other part of a home. Regular cleaning sessions are a must, but what happens when the best cleaning habits can't stop dirt from leaving its mark? A couple in Long Beach took their home's hygiene very seriously, so they were at a loss when their cleaning methods fell short in two different parts of their home. Both the couple's bathroom and the guest bathroom across the hallway had lost their beauty to the dirt that clung onto the grout.

Bathroom Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Long Beach
Beyond their frustration, the couple was genuinely worried about seeing the same pattern on two different bathroom surfaces. Since the tiles in the guest bathroom had a darker color, the stains were less noticeable, but the two surfaces looked dull overall. It was obvious that something in their cleaning routine wasn't working, so the homeowners decided to look for an informed opinion. They went online searching for a grout cleaning service in Long Beach and came across Sir Grout Nassau New York almost right away.

The couple was impressed by our website's content, so they both felt pretty confident about trusting our expertise. They headed to our scheduler and completed their request in only a few minutes, hoping that our team would be able to visit before the weekend. On the scheduled date, the clients welcomed our techs into their house for an in-home evaluation.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Long Beach
Our specialists inspected the two surfaces, dedicating the same attention to the floors in each of the bathroom areas. In both cases, the grout was almost fully darkened by soil, dust specs, and mold, to the point that it was hard to guess its original color. Traces of dirt were also embedded in the tiles, resulting in a rundown appearance that the couple had tried to improve for weeks.

At the end of the evaluation, our experts knew what to do about the stains, so they outlined the problem for the homeowners. The grout's porous surface had absorbed most of the dirt that made its way into the rooms. On top of all the foot traffic happening at different times of the day, the two bathrooms were exposed to multiple soap-based cleaners.

Despite the couple's best efforts, their cleaning products had only added to the problem, eating at the sealant and trapping external elements between the tiles. At this point, the clients realized that they had gone without sealing their bathroom floors for over two years and looked back at the issues they'd come across in a new light. That didn't change the relief they felt at having a clear course of action since our techs had also gone over Sir Grout's cleaning methods.

As per the couple's request, our specialists were back at the house the very next day. They started their restoration in the main bathroom and moved on to the guest bathroom floor later in the day, following the same process on both surfaces. For the first step, they applied a surface-safe cleaner and used a high-speed scrubber to remove the stains more efficiently.

Then, our crew sealed all the grout lines, enhancing their protection against random liquids and other external elements. Our powerful ColorSeal keeps a protective barrier over the grout pores so that homeowners don't have to suffer while trying to scrap the dirt off the surface. Because our sealant is available in multiple shades, our experts could easily recolor the grout to match the layout of each room. The floors looked incredible, especially after our techs were done buffing each surface with tile sealant.

As expected, the clients couldn't be happier when they saw the result. The grout on the main bathroom perfectly replicated the tiles' color while the floor in the guest bathroom floor created an elegant picture from its contrasting shades. After thanking our crew for their service, the couple promised to recommend Sir Grout Nassau New York to everyone they knew. They couldn't wait to show off the bathroom surfaces to the rest of their family.

Our specialists ended the appointment with some easy-to-follow tips that any homeowner can try on their grout and tile surfaces. While chemical-based cleaners are easy to come by, they aren't particularly effective when dealing with embedded dirt. Moreover, their harsh ingredients may cause discoloration on hard surfaces and even expose people to toxic fumes. Instead, we recommend using pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to get the desired result after each cleaning session. Our product gets the dirt loose after sitting on the surface for only a few minutes. Its permeating effect simplifies the elimination of common stains, including thick layers of grime or sticky residue from different shower products.

A bathroom floor can withstand the effects of wear and tear with proper care, but moisture buildup can ruin its look in only a few weeks. Good indoor ventilation is essential to counter the spread of mold, especially in areas where there's a limited circulation of fresh air. Homeowners can always clean after any spills, but a fairly dry environment can save them some time during their chores.

You don't have to get used to the dark spots on your grout. Sir Grout Nassau New York can help you keep your floors in optimal conditions, even in the most challenging parts of your home. Our grout cleaning services have earned the praise of hundreds of homeowners, and we continue to set the bar higher with the quality of our results. Contact us today and see for yourself! Just call (516) 620-7789 or schedule a free quote online to set an appointment with our crew. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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