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Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Fully Transformed This Shower Floor in Long Beach

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April 20, 2024

What would you do after finding out that your bathroom surfaces have collected months' worth of dirt? After years of renting his property, a Long Beach resident was ready to go back to his roots and move back in. Sadly, his plans were ruined the first time he went to check on the house. He found an unpleasant surprise waiting in his master shower, where grime, mold, and moisture had left the floor looking unrecognizable.

Shower Floor Before and After a Service from Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Long Beach The homeowner was restless while trying to decide on the best course of action. He didn't want to tear down any part of his shower, but he also knew that no amount of scrubbing would restore the floor. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to trust a hard surface professional with the problem, so he went online looking for options in the area. Sir Grout Nassau New York popped up at the top of his search results, so the homeowner went into our website to learn more about our tile and grout cleaners in Long Beach.

He was amazed by our picture gallery, and the rest of our online content, so he filled out the form to request a quote, and our agents got back to him that same day. From there. it took no time for the homeowner to schedule an appointment.

At his convenience, our techs arrived at the house two days later for an in-home evaluation. They inspected the shower floor to identify the extent of the damage, taking note of the amount of embedded dirt on the surface. Fortunately, the process revealed no cracks on the tiles or the grout lines, so our techs went on to test their surface-safe cleaners on a portion of the floor. As expected, our product worked against the stains, so our specialists went over the problem with the client before outlining Sir Grout's restoration process.

From the amount of dirt, the previous tenant had probably been sloppy, letting weeks pass between each cleaning session. It was also likely that their cleaner of choice was especially harsh on ceramic surfaces. On top of all that, the house had been unoccupied for a while, so the bathroom area didn't get enough fresh air to counter the effects of moisture buildup and soap residue on the surface. Our specialists offered to deep clean the floor and ensure that no residue remained before sealing the tile and the grout. This way, the homeowner would have less trouble removing the stains caused by mold and shower products.

Following the homeowner's request at the end of their first visit, our experts returned to his house later that week for the restoration, carrying Sir Grout's professional equipment into the master bathroom. They soaked the floor with a special cleaner and spread the product across the entire surface before carefully removing all the dirt. They stripped and cleaned the surface multiple times to ensure that nothing slipped their efforts and only moved on to the next step when each part was spotless.

Then, our specialists protected the grout lines with acrylic-based sealant. Our flagship ColorSeal ensures that no external elements get stuck on the grout's porous surface and keeps the grout looking as good as new for much longer. They also applied tile sealant to preserve the rest of the floor, and the transformation was a sight to behold.

The homeowner loved the result and he was relieved after seeing no marks on his shower floor. There was no way to tell that the surface had been badly damaged earlier that day. He thanked our crew for their work and promised to praise our grout cleaning skills in front of all his friends and colleagues.

While putting away their equipment, our techs shared some additional tips with the client. We share these recommendations at the end of each appointment to help homeowners get more satisfying results, and the client was particularly grateful for the guidance as he planned to settle back into his old home.

First, our experts introduced pH-neutral cleaners as the most effective option to keep grime, mold, and soap scum off shower surfaces. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner is the perfect example, removing common shower stans in minutes, without affecting the sealant or the tiles' natural color. Our cleaner deals with embedded dirt and any stickiness on your shower surfaces, so you can preserve your bathroom's hygiene and simplify your cleaning routine at once. This is also possible because pH-neutral products can be used indoors without contaminating the air with chemical fumes, reducing the risk for people and pets.

Our next recommendation was to use only non-abrasive tools when scrubbing ceramic and grout surfaces. Steel wools can easily leave scratch marks behind, and they're just not as precise when you need to reach the dirt that's stuck between the tiles. To make the restoration results last for longer, our crew also recommended opening the windows and the bathroom door a few hours a day. Water and soap residue do a lot to increase the chances of mold, so shower surfaces need constant exposure to fresh air. Good indoor ventilation prevents moisture buildup and makes surface maintenance more rewarding for homeowners.

You don't have to keep losing sleep over a soiled shower. Sir Grout Nassau New York is here to assist you with a thorough restoration method and the expertise of knowledgeable hard surface experts. Contact us today and see for yourself! You can call (516) 620-7789 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Last but not least, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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