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Stone Cleaning Services Bring This Shower to Its Original Look in Massapequa Park

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February 02, 2022

A resident from Massapequa Park, NY, was tired of the deteriorated look of his stone shower. By doing some research, he discovered Sir Grout Nassau New York, and we were able to assist him in resolving this issue. The owner slowly began to realize the stone tiles had an unattractive appearance. He noticed no improvement despite applying different DIY methods he found online in order to clean the surface.

Shower Before and After Our Stone Sealing in Massapequa Park, NY
The homeowner opted to hire professionals after some thinking. Fortunately, his research took him to Sir Grout Nassau New York. He searched Massapequa Park Stone Cleaning services and found our website in the top results. He knew we were professionals after going through our before and after picture gallery, and reading the reviews from our customers. He got a hold of us, explained the situation, and requested a free in-home consultation.

We went to the owner's property to evaluate the stone shower. We identified the issues right away and proposed a viable solution. The stone tiles had lost their original color, taking on a pale, nasty look, and the grout lines were filthy. As a result, the entire surface had an unpleasant aspect. After a closer look, we discovered that the grout needed to be sealed. The porous nature of this sensitive component allows it to absorb impurities. This can cause rapid deterioration and additional harm. After the evaluation, we came to the conclusion that normal cleaning would not deliver the solution the owner was looking for. Sir Grout's skilled procedure and top-of-the-line equipment were required to restore the surface. We offered a stone cleaning service to restore the stone's appearance. The owner was pleased with our offer and hired us right away.

We returned the day of the appointment to restore the stone shower. To begin our multi-step stone cleaning procedure, we used our exclusive stone-safe cleaner to clean the surface. Our product is pH-neutral, isn't made with harsh components, and won't cause any damage to the tiles or grout. After that, we steam cleaned the enclosure area to remove any dirt that might have stuck. We were ready to fix the grout after the shower had been thoroughly cleaned. We used professional diamond saws to work on the entire surface and get rid of any flaws.

We continued the sealing process after restoring the grout. We utilized Sir Grout's ColorSeal to assure long-lasting results. Our top-of-the-line sealant has a long list of advantages and delivers unrivaled protection. It prevents discoloration and other signs of deterioration by repelling dirt, filth, and other external contaminants. ColorSeal significantly improves the surface by giving the grout lines a fresh look and a consistent color. It is available in a variety of colors, allowing the owner to match the grout to the tiles. The shower looked fantastic when we were done, and the stone surface had regained its original charm.

Our client was very happy with the results of our work. He was happy with how quickly and efficiently the process had gone. He thanked us and said he would tell his family about Sir Grout Nassau New York.

Showers need regular cleaning and upkeep. These surfaces are subjected to a lot of everyday activity and can soon deteriorate. The easiest approach to keep these difficult areas looking great is to follow our recommendations. We recommend using only soap-free, pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner on a regular basis. Our product is made with high-quality ingredients and leaves no residue. It's also non-toxic and safe for everyone at home. Soap-based cleaners and acidic cleaning products should be avoided. Such products contain harsh chemicals and leave a residue of foam that penetrates into the grout. This can affect the surface and cause serious problems, such as structural damage.

It's also crucial to keep mold and mildew away. These fungi thrive in wet areas and can be harmful to anyone's health. It is critical to give a source of fresh air to keep this problem at bay. To allow the moisture to drain freely, we recommend leaving the door ajar or the window open. After you've finished showering, use a squeegee, a towel, or a terry cloth rag to dry the surface. Squeegeeing on a regular basis also helps to maintain a clean surface.

With our exceptional stone cleaning procedure, our skilled specialists completely restore any stone surface. We have years of expertise as a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry, providing solid solutions to countless satisfied consumers. Call us at (516) 620-7789 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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